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    Machine Binding Tutorial – Part 2

    Here’s the second part of the binding tutorial – how to attach binding by machine. You can find the first part here.There are a few ways to do this, but I find this the easiest way because it involves barely any pinning. First off, when you attach your binding by machine, you will always have an extra visible line of stitching that you don’t have when binding by hand. You can see this in the picture below, there is a stitching line running along the top binding strip. Determine which side of your quilt you want that line to be one, because that will be the side you start with.…

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    Machine Binding Tutorial – Part 1

    Binding is the finishing touch of any quilt. Some quilts you want to have a very subtle binding that blends in with the pattern and doesn’t command too much attention. Sometimes, it even has to be a facing that’s not visible from the front at all. And other times, binding that really pops adds just the right amount of zing to finish off a quilt. One of my absolute favourites is striped binding. It does make you go a little wonky-eyed cutting it, but it just adds so much fun to a quilt. I often get asked how I bind my quilts. Do I bind them by machine or by…

  • How to bury short threads, a quilting hack
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    A quick tip for burying short threads

    When was the last time you were burying your quilting threads and you ended up fiddling with a few that had accidentally been cut too short? You can either wrestle with the needle and hope you don’t lose the threads from the needle’s eye before you get a chance to stab the fabric, or push the needle into the fabric and then silently curse while trying to get the thread ends into the needle. Or, you can try this simple trick 🙂 There’s a one-minute video of the process on my Instagram profile (you can click right here to watch it), but I took a few still shots of the…