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    Festive Forest – a new pattern

    This is a quick and fun Christmas FPP pattern that is suitable for confident beginners and advanced quilters alike. Festive Forest is available in my pattern shop. I’m a big fan of colourful Christmas decorations. Did you see my pictures on Instagram of the tree skirt I made last year? You might notice a little trend towards bright, rainbow-y colour schemes there. I do have a small tree in the entryway of our house that I decorate in more traditional red and white, but our main Christmas tree is a hodgepodge of collected ornaments. We always pick one up on our travels, and quite a few we’ve inherited, too. Others…

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    Swirly Lollipop – the rainbow one

    I have a new FPP block to share today! This one will be released as a pattern within the next few weeks, so make sure you’re on the mailing list because you don’t want to miss it! I had drawn this Swirly Lollipop a couple of months ago, but didn’t get around to making an actual sample until just now. But I am so happy to see the pattern is working, although it has a few kinks that still need to be ironed out. I love a good rainbow fabric pull, and this one was no exception. All of these are fabrics from my stash and from the scrap bins…

  • A digital rendering of the Victorian Tiles quilt pattern in peach and navy to show the effect of different colouring options
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    Victorian Tiles – Variations

    I mentioned in my last blog post that the Victorian Tiles pattern is super versatile. But I figured instead of just talking about it I’d show you.So here are a few digital renderings of the quilt in different colourways, to show off the many secondary patterns you can achieve with strategic placing of colour and value. First off, this is a sort of reversal of value from the original in that the navy and white parts have been reversed, and the lighter and medium blues and the pink have shifted spots. Then there’s the option of completely paring it down to only one blue and the pink, with white to…

  • throw size quilt held up outdoors, blue and white spiral swirl pattern
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    Winter Swirl

    Today I’m sharing another Swirl quilt! This winter version was finished just a few days ago, and I managed to get some photos of it before too much of the snow had melted. The Ripple&Swirl pattern is available in the pattern shop. I really enjoyed making this quilt because of the light colours, it is such a contrast to the original one in nautical navy and red. I wasn’t sure at first whether it was going to be a beachy, white sand and blue water kind of a quilt, or more of a winter wonderland with snow and bright blue sky (my favourite kind of winter days, although they also…

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    Facets Pillow

    Of course, I had to make a pillow for the new Facets pattern, too. This was another scrap buster and took four 5″ squares of blue Konas from my scrap bin and all the smaller bits of white Kona I had set aside as not big enough for the last few projects, but not small enough to cut into squares and stash away with the other scraps. Cats are so helpful 😉 To quilt this one, I decided on a simple crosshatch pattern of straight lines that would underline the simplicity of this pattern but add enough “oomph” to do a gemstone justice.Marking all the lines with a Hera marker…

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    Ripple – the purple pillow

    So far this is one of my favourite Ripple versions of the new Ripple & Swirl pattern. I love how the ripple effect is visible simply by choosing light and dark values of the same colour. When choosing colours for a pattern like this one that relies heavily on contrast, it can sometimes be difficult to see whether a particular colour reads as light or dark. Here’s an easy tip: take a picture with your phone of all the fabrics together, then select grayscale in the photo editing options. It will be quite easy to tell which fabrics show up as light or dark, and which ones don’t provide enough…

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    Ripple & Swirl – Tester Quilts

    My testers have done a fabulous job both of making sure this pattern is easy to understand and free of mistakes, as well as creating some fantastic quilt tops from it, so here are their creations for you to get inspired. To see more Ripple & Swirl quilts, check out the hashtag #psqrippleandswirl on Instagram and be sure to post your makes and tag them, too! The pattern is available right here in my shop.