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Swirl – the scrappy pillow


I’m loving how the Ripple & Swirl pattern gives so many options with one simple block, just by changing up colours.

This year my goal is to try to use my stash and my scraps as much as possible. I didn’t impose any fabric buying ban on myself, but I will think twice before purchasing fabric for a project and will look through my stash to see if something could work.

So having chopped three small bins of scraps into squares recently, I hunted through the stack of 4″ squares for a colour combination that would make a great Swirl pillow and came up with these pinks and blues.

A nice little side-effect of using the scraps is the inevitable trip down memory lane as I find fabrics that I hadn’t seen in a long time, but of course remember what I had originally bought them for.

I was going to keep this pillow on our couch, but my daughter has already claimed it for her bedroom. And in all honesty, blues and pinks actually suit her room better than the living room. I’ll just have to make another one for us.

Stuffing this pillow was rather a messy affair. It’s a down-filled pillow form (the 20″ one from Ikea, in case you’d like to get the same look). It had been on our couch with a different cover for a while, and apparently, the feathers work their way out of the pillow, but not necessarily through the pillowcase. So when I went to strip off the old cover I ended up with an explosion of little feathers all over my couch, and the scene looked rather like I just had a fight with a chicken 😉

Pattern: Ripple & Swirl by me
Fabric: Scraps from my stash

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