Rainbow Star Pattern


I’m very excited to be launching my newest pattern

It’s my first foundation paper pieced pattern and I am super happy with how it’s turned out, and the reception it had on social media so far.

This one came about one April day as I was sitting at home with my daughter, who just had her appendix removed and wasn’t allowed to do anything she considers fun, like running, skipping rope, or dance. I remembered a stack of kite paper I had bought a while ago and started looking online for how to make window stars.

Half an hour later, we had a paper star on our patio door, and I couldn’t stop thinking about making it into a quilt block.

So the next chance I got, I sat down at my laptop and started designing. It took a few iterations, and some tips from more advanced EQ8 users for the finer details of making a pattern that makes sense not just to me, but I’m happy to say it worked beautifully!

I used up my favourite rainbow scraps, using two prints per colour for each point of the star.

Thanks to my awesome pattern testers, I also have some beautiful pictures to show you of their take on my pattern.

This rainbow star made by Kate of uses a Kona solids rainbow charm pack, and she used a different colour for each section of the star to get very close to how to the original kite paper star looks.

Joanne’s star shows one of the many stunning effects you can get with this pattern depending on how you place your colours.

The pattern comes with a colouring diagram, and I highly recommend printing it a few times and sitting down with some coloured pencils to try out various options. It’ll also help you keep track of which colour goes with which section of the star, as it can get quite confusing otherwise.

You can find Joanne on Instagram @turtlequilterjo

This Tula Pink star blew my Instagram feed out of the water.

Henrik’s old sewing chair was covered in ugly black vinyl, so he decided to use the rainbow star to make himself this fabulous cover using Tula Pink’s Zuma line of fabrics.

I am not sure whether I would never get up again from this chair, or never sit down because I’d keep looking at it.

You can find more of Henrik’s work on Instagram @herrschaftenmueller

Rainbow Star FPP Pattern

I hope you’ve been inspired to make something fabulous, too. The pattern is available here, and I would love it if you shared what you make and tag me on facebook or Instagram. I am @pennyspoolquilts on both, and you can use the hashtags #psqpatterns and #psqrainbowstar to follow others as well.

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