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Facets – simple gemstones with big impact


I’m so thrilled to have this pattern finally out in the world and available for everyone. It’s such a simple design but has wow factor in spades.

I’ve always loved the intricate, faceted gemstone FPP patterns other designers have made. But, as wonderful as those look, they are very intimidating with their dozens of little pieces. It’s not that they would be impossible to make, but I love to scale back a design and see the impact simplicity has, and this quilt pattern has plenty. I also want to make designs accessible to beginning quilters, or those who might not have the confidence yet to attempt an intricate pattern. Simplifying something that looks daunting will hopefully make some of you take that step to try it, and will give you the confidence to keep trying more elaborate patterns.

But without further ado, here is Facets.

The pattern comes in all the sizes, from a King size bed spread right down to a pillow for your couch or favourite comfy chair.

My baby version of the quilt features Kona solids in Papaya, Sunny, Banana, Lemon and Meringue, on a background of Robert Kaufman Essex in Linen. I loved working on this sunny quilt while the weather outside was rather dreary, and it was a wonderful little pick-me-up.

In keeping with the simple modern look of the quilt, I decided to just quilt it with straight lines. I was originally going to do a crosshatch like I did with the pillow, but it looked perfect after doing only one half of the lines, so I left it at that.

I had a couple of wonderful testers as well, who made stunning quilt tops. I love that both of them chose to make the gemstones different colours. I’ve included instructions in the pattern for how to go about doing that, if you wanted to do the same.

Colleen‘s quilt got us talking on Instagram about all the possibilities this pattern opens up for using birthstones. Her quilt is a gift to a friend who is expecting, but wouldn’t this make a wonderful family quilt as well, just like the “Mother’s Pride” jewellery? I can see this as a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, or as a wedding present for a newly blended family. There are so many options and meaningful ideas.

This bright rainbow is Sydney‘s work and I just love how the gems pop against the black background. I can’t wait to see what you all make with this pattern.

Pattern: Facets by me
Background: Robert Kaufman Essex in Linen
Gemstones: Kona solids in Papaya, Sunny, Banana, Lemon, Meringue

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