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    How to join batting pieces

    If you’re like me (and most quilters for that matter), you probably keep the batting scraps you trim off before you bind a quilt. I used to keep them thinking I’ll make coasters and other little things from them, but somewhere after my second or third quilt, I quickly realized that nobody needs *that* many coasters. So what do you do with all those batting strips and remnants? You make “Frankenbatting” as my friend calls it. Here’s a quick photo tutorial on how I do it. First off, select a few pieces that will make up the size you need. Make sure they’re all the same kind of batting. Lay…

  • How to bury short threads, a quilting hack
    quilting hack,  tutorial

    A quick tip for burying short threads

    When was the last time you were burying your quilting threads and you ended up fiddling with a few that had accidentally been cut too short? You can either wrestle with the needle and hope you don’t lose the threads from the needle’s eye before you get a chance to stab the fabric, or push the needle into the fabric and then silently curse while trying to get the thread ends into the needle. Or, you can try this simple trick 🙂 There’s a one-minute video of the process on my Instagram profile (you can click right here to watch it), but I took a few still shots of the…

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    How to Waterproof a Quilt

    A couple of summers ago I made myself a waterproof quilt because I was spending many evenings every week at the soccer fields with my kids, and while bringing folding chairs was an ok option, I kept forgetting to pack them when we had to leave in a hurry. So I decided I was going to make a quilt that I could carry around easily and leave in the car all the time. A couple of rainy practices later, I decided that it needed to be a *waterproof* quilt. The most recent issue of Make Modern magazine, Issue 27, included a pattern and tutorial from me about how to make…