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    Plaid-ish Quilt

    What a strange time we live in right now… with the global pandemic and all its added effects like having the kids at home, working from home, and juggling other added responsibilities, I jumped at the idea a fellow Instagrammer had of making my own personal coronavirus quilt project. I decided that I was going to need a little spot of sewing every day, just to turn off the mind and even if I didn’t get to work on one of my bigger projects because of the added responsibilities mentioned above, I could spare 15 minutes a day to make a block for a kind of diary quilt. I don’t…

  • throw size quilt held up outdoors, blue and white spiral swirl pattern
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    Winter Swirl

    Today I’m sharing another Swirl quilt! This winter version was finished just a few days ago, and I managed to get some photos of it before too much of the snow had melted. The Ripple&Swirl pattern is available in the pattern shop. I really enjoyed making this quilt because of the light colours, it is such a contrast to the original one in nautical navy and red. I wasn’t sure at first whether it was going to be a beachy, white sand and blue water kind of a quilt, or more of a winter wonderland with snow and bright blue sky (my favourite kind of winter days, although they also…

  • table runner made from three pixelated patchwork hearts in mixed blues and pinks, set on a table with a seed cake and tea cups
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    Tumbled Love – 2nd Edition

    This pattern was one of my favourites to write, and since it is about two years old now, I thought it was time I made a new version of it for our table. I had been sorting my scraps and cutting them into squares of various useful sizes, which meant I had the perfect excuse to dip into that stash and make this blue and pink hearts runner. The background on this one is scrappy as well. In my first version I used yardage for the background, a lovely print that said “love” in cursive all over it, but with my new resolution of using my stash and scraps wherever…

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    Expanding Stars by Quilty Love

    This spring I’ve been working on this Expanding Stars quilt thanks to a quilt-along Emily Dennis of Quilty Love was running. Not that I really had that much time to spare, but I love the simplicity and impact of this quilt, and being in a scrap organizing and scrap busting frame of mind lately, I couldn’t wait to try to make this with what I had on hand. I usually buy materials as I need them, although working at a fabric shop has meant I’ve brought home a few treasures here and there that weren’t strictly earmarked for a project yet. But on the whole, I don’t have a huge…