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    Facets Pillow

    Of course, I had to make a pillow for the new Facets pattern, too. This was another scrap buster and took four 5″ squares of blue Konas from my scrap bin and all the smaller bits of white Kona I had set aside as not big enough for the last few projects, but not small enough to cut into squares and stash away with the other scraps. Cats are so helpful 😉 To quilt this one, I decided on a simple crosshatch pattern of straight lines that would underline the simplicity of this pattern but add enough “oomph” to do a gemstone justice.Marking all the lines with a Hera marker…

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    Swirl – the scrappy pillow

    I’m loving how the Ripple & Swirl pattern gives so many options with one simple block, just by changing up colours. This year my goal is to try to use my stash and my scraps as much as possible. I didn’t impose any fabric buying ban on myself, but I will think twice before purchasing fabric for a project and will look through my stash to see if something could work. So having chopped three small bins of scraps into squares recently, I hunted through the stack of 4″ squares for a colour combination that would make a great Swirl pillow and came up with these pinks and blues. A…

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    Ripple – the purple pillow

    So far this is one of my favourite Ripple versions of the new Ripple & Swirl pattern. I love how the ripple effect is visible simply by choosing light and dark values of the same colour. When choosing colours for a pattern like this one that relies heavily on contrast, it can sometimes be difficult to see whether a particular colour reads as light or dark. Here’s an easy tip: take a picture with your phone of all the fabrics together, then select grayscale in the photo editing options. It will be quite easy to tell which fabrics show up as light or dark, and which ones don’t provide enough…

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    Ripple & Swirl

    Ripple & Swirl is two modern quilt patterns in one. Part of my HST pattern collection along with Facets and Polar Peaks (available as a free download when you sign up for my newsletter), it’s another pattern that relies on simplicity for impact. Playing with contrast and layouts, this pattern takes the humble half-square triangle to new heights. This quilt uses contrast for the design to pop, whether that’s achieved with different colours, or simply light and dark versions of the same colour. It offers two different layout options that will make you want to play around with colours and value, mixing and matching to see where it’ll lead, and…

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    Facets – simple gemstones with big impact

    I’m so thrilled to have this pattern finally out in the world and available for everyone. It’s such a simple design but has wow factor in spades. I’ve always loved the intricate, faceted gemstone FPP patterns other designers have made. But, as wonderful as those look, they are very intimidating with their dozens of little pieces. It’s not that they would be impossible to make, but I love to scale back a design and see the impact simplicity has, and this quilt pattern has plenty. I also want to make designs accessible to beginning quilters, or those who might not have the confidence yet to attempt an intricate pattern. Simplifying…

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    Ripple & Swirl – Tester Quilts

    My testers have done a fabulous job both of making sure this pattern is easy to understand and free of mistakes, as well as creating some fantastic quilt tops from it, so here are their creations for you to get inspired. To see more Ripple & Swirl quilts, check out the hashtag #psqrippleandswirl on Instagram and be sure to post your makes and tag them, too! The pattern is available right here in my shop.

  • table runner made from three pixelated patchwork hearts in mixed blues and pinks, set on a table with a seed cake and tea cups
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    Tumbled Love – 2nd Edition

    This pattern was one of my favourites to write, and since it is about two years old now, I thought it was time I made a new version of it for our table. I had been sorting my scraps and cutting them into squares of various useful sizes, which meant I had the perfect excuse to dip into that stash and make this blue and pink hearts runner. The background on this one is scrappy as well. In my first version I used yardage for the background, a lovely print that said “love” in cursive all over it, but with my new resolution of using my stash and scraps wherever…

  • How to bury short threads, a quilting hack
    quilting hack,  tutorial

    A quick tip for burying short threads

    When was the last time you were burying your quilting threads and you ended up fiddling with a few that had accidentally been cut too short? You can either wrestle with the needle and hope you don’t lose the threads from the needle’s eye before you get a chance to stab the fabric, or push the needle into the fabric and then silently curse while trying to get the thread ends into the needle. Or, you can try this simple trick 🙂 There’s a one-minute video of the process on my Instagram profile (you can click right here to watch it), but I took a few still shots of the…

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    Rainbow Star Pattern

    I’m very excited to be launching my newest pattern!  It’s my first foundation paper pieced pattern and I am super happy with how it’s turned out, and the reception it had on social media so far. This one came about one April day as I was sitting at home with my daughter, who just had her appendix removed and wasn’t allowed to do anything she considers fun, like running, skipping rope, or dance. I remembered a stack of kite paper I had bought a while ago and started looking online for how to make window stars. Half an hour later, we had a paper star on our patio door, and…

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    May Colour inspiration

    Lately, I’ve been falling in love with this wonderful pink, yellow and orange colour palette. I have been working on some new designs and this palette features heavily in my drawings. We are having what is starting to look like a really delayed spring. Winter hung on far too long, and now, while the snow is long gone, it has been very wet and cold despite being the middle of May already. Being northerly as we are, we don’t plant most things in the garden until around Victoria Day, but even so, it doesn’t look like it’ll be planting weather until closer to June.  So if nature isn’t giving me…