How to bury short threads, a quilting hack
quilting hack,  tutorial

A quick tip for burying short threads


When was the last time you were burying your quilting threads and you ended up fiddling with a few that had accidentally been cut too short?
You can either wrestle with the needle and hope you don’t lose the threads from the needle’s eye before you get a chance to stab the fabric, or push the needle into the fabric and then silently curse while trying to get the thread ends into the needle.

Or, you can try this simple trick 🙂

There’s a one-minute video of the process on my Instagram profile (you can click right here to watch it), but I took a few still shots of the video to explain it here in detail.

So, let’s start by knotting the threads so the quilting won’t come undone. As you can see, my thread tails were a tad on the short side, and actually made tying the knot a bit fiddly, too.

Now here’s the trick:

Grab a second, longer thread (mine was a good 9 inches), fold it in half and thread it onto the needle so that you have a loop on one side of the needle, and two loose tails on the other. Don’t pull the thread all the way through, make sure you keep a nice sized loop there.

Push your needle into the quilt as if you had the quilting threads on the needle. So, right at the base of the knot, and push it back out an inch or so from that. Pull the thread through so your loop stays at the base of the knotted threads, and the loose ends come out at the other end.

Pull the quilting threads through the loop in the pink thread, as you would with a needle threader, then slowly start to pull on the pink thread to shrink the loop.

Nice and easy… if you get the pink thread caught on the knot, just lift it up with your needle so it’s pulling on the loose ends, not on the knot.

And there you go!
Pull the tails all the way out, snip them off, and pat yourself on the back.

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